These are the first photos of the mare with her foal sculpture

mamma_07 mamma_08 mamma_09At last the sculpture of the mare and her foal is finished. Now they can talk to each other in peace and I will not keep  on disturbing and changing them any more.

In the previous blog post you could see how they got their zebra-inspired patterns. After that I carefully and patiently adjusted every little detail. I have evened out a little on some spots and added more clay on others. I have kept on for hours twisting and turning the sculpture to get it the way I want it from all angles.

After that I cured it. After curing, the clay is no longer soft, and I can not change the shape any longer. However, I can add something to the surface, so I carefully covered it with black paint. When the paint has dried I carefully sanded away most of it. The remaining traces of black color reinforces the irregularities in the surface structure, thus giving even more life to the sculpture.

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