The head and forelegs of a horse shoe

shoe_06I had got a little of the planning for free from the Mosebacke Horse sculpture Thoughtful that I already had done. I had already thought about the similarities between a high-heeled shoe and a horse. Now, my aim was to make a couple of existing shoes to become horse shoes.

Although the basic idea was clear there was a lot that must be thought through. I am often asked how long a horse sculpture takes, and the simplest answer is how long the craft, the time that I have the horse in my hands, take.

A very large amount ot time is spent by trying different possibilities in the mind. It is not only about the purely artistic design, but it is also about technical solutions. Here, there were the shoes which I would use to build the horse shoes on. I chose a pair of shiny black high-heeled shoes I had in the closet but hardly had used before.

Now, the first question: Would they cope with the temperature used for the curing of the polymer clay? I always cure at 130 degrees, and the question was whether these shoes would manage this temperature. The only way to find out was to try. So I covered  the shoe with a thin layer of black polymer clay. Now it was not shiny anymore. It looked to be dressed in leather.

And yes – it made it! The glue that held the sole did not make it, but I can glue the shoe and the sole together later. Now I built up with a horse head on the front of the shoe. And a pair of front legs. All in black polymer clay,

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