The book. The series. Polymer Journeys.

I haven’t seen the book yet, but I know that I have been selected as one of the contributing artists.
You can pre-order it now, with 30 % discount through March 30th.
Polymer Journeys is a large format, soft cover book filled with gallery style pages of art accompanied by the artist’s insights and observations along with sketches, studio photos, and images of the work in progress. More than just an art book for polymer enthusiasts, the book gives a broader sense of what goes into designing and creating this kind of work and allows for an unique view across the globe of where polymer art is now and where it might be going.
Work selected for the book are highly skilled, unique, inspirational, and representative of polymer artists across the globe. They include Jewelry and other Adornment, Decor, Wall Art, Illustration, Sculpture, and Miscellaneous forms. In other words, a slice of some of the best polymer art in all its forms!

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