My work has been chosen for Polymer Journeys!

Today, I got a very encouraging mail from Sage Bray at Polymer Journeys. It said:

Your work has been chosen!
 We are happy to inform you that your work has been chosen to be included in the 2015 edition of Polymer Journeys.
Polymer Journeys 2015 is the first in a series of books, The webpage Polymer Journey explains it in this way: ”Polymer is at that point in its history where many believe it would benefit from a regular retrospective to further the art world’s view of polymer as a quality art medium, as well as give working artists, gallery owners, writers, and teachers a view to the trends and direction of the art form; not to mention it would just be a beautiful collection to pour over and enjoy. The book series, Polymer Journeys, aims to fill that need. We simply need the participation of the community to make it happen.This book is not a contest but rather an opportunity to document and highlight the accomplishments and direction of polymer as a fine and expressive art form. The book will award recognition for what our panel of artists deem to be the most masterful or important pieces of 2014-2015 as well as bring together works representing global regions and forms.  All the art will be accompanied by insightful words from the artists to give us all a broader and deeper view of the art and artists working with this material.

All funding for this project is being provided by The Polymer Arts magazine and Tenth Muse Publishing. And, of course, by the present and future support of the polymer community.”

I’m so happy today because of this message from Sage Bray, the staff and the board members! 🙂 Now I look forward to seeing the finished book and to admire the fabolous work of all talented polymer artists across the globe.

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