Gallery Artist in The Polymer Arts Magazine

pa_01 When Sage Bray, the editor of The Polymer Arts Magazine contacted me this spring about having me as a Gallery Artist in the magazine, I was of course both proud and astonished to have this opportunity to show my horses to the polymer clay community. We discussed about which pieces of art that I could show, and I felt it was a huge challenge. I told Sage that I hade some special horses coming up, so there was no problem for me to wait until the fall edition.

At the same time I got the feeling that Sage was pleased with that answer, that she wanted to give me time to develop a little bit more. So I accepted the challenge, and those who follow my blog can see that I really took another big step in my development as an artist. I created horses that were more close to my deeper and inner feelings, with less fear of what people would say about them and I dared to let the horses have very unusual positions and stances. I experimented a lot with different surface techniques.

So this is my heartfelt thanks to you, Sage. This is what you did for me: You inspired me to go further into my own creativity than I thought I would be able to do in such a short time. I have found new ways of nurturing my creativity and inspiration. And I promise that I will keep on developing as an artist as long as I am able to work with polymer clay.

Once again – thank you Sage!


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