Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show

October 26-30 I am attending the Scandinavian Horse Show at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden with my Mosebacke Horse Sculptures. It is a very big event that is arranged for the first time at this location, with high-class showjumping and dressage. Right now I am watching Jan Brink showing the young horse RayMore in dressage.

The Art Gallery at Scandinavian Hore Show is situated between the two dressage courses, in Hall B. In the gallery I am showing six or seven of my horse sculptures at one time, and they get a lot of positive attention. I really love to explain what polymer clay is and show what can be done with it to people who are new to this form of art expression.

If you will be visiting the Scandinavian Horse Show, please come and see me in the Art Gallery that is a collaboration between four horse artists, coordinated by artist Mia Jonshagen.

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