Creativity on demand

I only work part time with my Mosebacke Horse Sculptures. That makes it more important than ever to work very structured and planned. It may seem contradictory when my work with is about creativity and originality, but in fact it is precisely this attention that creates devotion and gives me connection to my creativity.

Yes, I schedule time. It forces me to really sit down at the table in my studio at specific times. I do not go around and wait for the inspiration to come by itself, because it does not come regularly. You must invite it. The best way is to attract it is by working. I have no ready-made ideas about what I want to do, I just sit down and start working. Often I practice different techniques because for working with polymer clay is much about techniques. Now and then I try a new technique that I have read about or seen on the Internet.

It usually does not take very long before inspiration comes when the brain have got something to start with, and because my brain is creative from the beginning ideas will soon start to flow. Then, I just have to make notes, sketch and start creating.

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