A scientific horse

My first university education was at Linköping University where I studied chemistry for three years. I think chemistry is such an interesting subject because a person who knows a little about chemistry also understands our everyday life better. You know what happens when you cook, you know why shampoo and dish soap lathers, why the sky is blue and you have a deeper understanding of what carbondioxide really is. It is also a subject that includes colors, design, creativity and analysis – all that is fun for the brain!

I wanted to make a Mosebacke Horse that symbolizes chemistry. So I thought about how a ”chemical horse” would look like. Chemists know that the ethanol molecule (alcohol) looks like a small dog.

So of course a ”Chemical Horse” should be composed of atoms which together form a horse molecule. Now this is my next challenge. Will I succeed?

Here is the first sketch!

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