Exciting art shows, exciting art conferences

As usual, everything happens at the same time. 🙂

I came home from the amazing Synergy4 conference in Philadelphia loaded with energy and inspiration from all the enthusiastic and amazing polymer clay artists I met there.

I had barely landed in my everyday life, had started my usual daytime job and had made plans for what I wanted to create when I got the message that I had been accepted as one of the artists in Romele Konsthall’s juried art show – Romele konsthall jurybedömd utställning. You are welcome to visit the show September 16 to 24 2017.

I also have another juried art show that I now have to create more ”outstanding art sculptures” for within a week because I soon am on my way to Monza and the FIMO Symposium where I will meet other polymer clay artists and gather even more inspiration.

FIMO Symposium: Bella Italia and inspiration on different levels

Inspiration for your own art can have many different sources: whether architecture, moods, fashion, pictures or music. This year we would like to try to offer you these different sources of inspiration. This year’s symposium takes place under the theme ”Bella Italia and musical highlights”.

Italy stands for summer, sun, temperament and passion. This is also reflected in the music. The emotions, which are transported by music and the voice, simply stir along. Italy has a long musical tradition and is the land of musical high culture. What could be closer than to incorporate the inspiration of Italian music from the various epochs into the workshops and to feel the mood that is transported by the music?

So – my upcoming weeks will be tough with days and evenings filled with hard work – but I’m definitely not complaining. I look forward to it because it’s a blessing to be able to work and develop within a field you really are interested in – both at my daytime job as a communications strategist and at my second job as a polymer clay artist.

And in addition, even more exciting things will happen – but, unfortunately, I can not tell you yet.
Keep your eyes open and follow me on this blog and social media  and you will be the first to know 🙂

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