A Horse House for Happy Horses

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I think that a great deal of the inspiration for this – my biggest creation so far – comes from Georg Dinkel, which I met at Synergy4 in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. He builds large and absolutely stunning buildings in polymer clay, which are populated by the most amazing creatures.

So I began to think.

My Mosebacke Horses also need somewhere to live. Why not in a house? A real horse house?

This is the result. The frame is made of a particle board (thanks Beijer Bygg in Linköping for sawing according to my design), which I then covered with ”wood” and ”bricks” and ”knots” and ”winds” of polymer clay.

On each of the three floors there are four Mosebacke Horses. Some look a little bit more angry, but they all are very excited about having a big window that they can look through. The windows frames resemble picture frames, so all the horses looks like three-dimensional paintings.

At the top is the happiest horse of them all – because that horse lives in the hay loft where there is a swing. So it’s a rocking horse 😊 (Gunghäst in Swedish.)


Height 92 cm
Width 56 cm
Depth 13 cm

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