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Work on IPCA Award 2017 is ongoing.

IPCA Awards is a global competition for Polymer Clay Artists. You can participate in four categories:

  • Wearable Jewelry
  • Functional Containers
  • Non-Functional Sculpture And Hanging Art
  • Mixed Media

I participated last year and reached the final in both Non-Functional Sculpture and Mixed Media. To my great pleasure, I WON in Mixed Media – both Member’s Choice and Juror’s Choice for my Moonlight Dress. Now I am very excited to see if it is possible for me to follow that up.

I am like so many others – I collect ideas and postpone the actual work with the clay for as long time as possible. But on the other hand, I was on an educational and inspirational trip to Hawaii with Christi Friesen just a few weeks ago. And I do not think I reveal too much if I say that much of the inspiration for my three contributions comes from Hawaii.

So now I sit here at my studio table and work, work and work for a couple of more weeks. Submissions for IPCA Awards are accepted until May 15. Unfortunately, I can not show any of the things I’m working on because it’s strictly forbidden to show the participating items before the jury has made their decision, they will do in July / August. But after that I promise to show what I created, whether I’m in the final or not!

So please – keep your fingers crossed for me?

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