Color Theory

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Everyone who works with colors need to know some color theory. Some understand colors intuitively, you can get a feeling of which colors that fit well together. And everyone – even those who are not actively involved with art – can recognize colors they perceive as beautiful in different situations.

Here is a short film that explains a lot about color relationships. It has a high tempo, so you may need to pause occasionally.

When working with polymer clay, you use all the explained ways of describing colors, including both the RGB and CMYK systems. Another important aspect for claying is how big the fields of color that you put next to each other are. There have been many clayers, including me, who have discovered this. In the beginning you have a fantastic cane with colors that work very well together. After reduction the whole effect is ruined. In the same way it has happened that I have had a cane that I had no expectations for, but has turned out to be very good when reduced.

A Brief Lesson on Color Theory from Rhea Lelina Manglapus on Vimeo.

I also want to thank my polymer clay friend Leila Bidler for this film. She shared it on Facebook today and that’s why I got the idea to talk about colors on this blog today.

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