One more Chivas is being born

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The horse sculptures I call Chivas horses are full of joy. They are often dancing and doing things that you did not know horses were able of doing. But they are! You can see it clearly in the sculptures…

This photo is a close-up of the horse’s head when I just have started building up the shape. I mostly use the additive technique, that means that I am building up the shape by adding clay, little by little, and then smoothing out the surface.

I do not build all my horse sculptures heads in exactly the same way, but in this photo you can see how the cheeks, the eyes and the nose are implied. When I have removed the sharp contours I can see where I want to add some more clay – and sometimes I also have to remove some clay in places where it has become too much.

I am very careful with the horse’s head because it is important for me to create the exact facial expressions that I want the horse to have. It is so important to give the horse the right personality.

When I am finished with the shape of the horse I make a thin layer of colored clay that will give the horse its color and patterns. This one will be given a layer of very thin sheet copper, covered by a thin layer of translucent clay and tinted with alcohol ink…

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