Little Horse Kraken (Lilla hästkraken)

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The name of this upcoming horse sculpture is a play with words. In Swedish ”kraken” means someone who is weak and little, so ”Lilla hästkraken” means a little and weak horse that you feel sorry for. You want to take care of it. But ”Kraken” is also a mythological creature – a giant octopus.

What happens of you combine these? I have created combined horses earlier, maybe you remenber the Peacock horse. But this time I will create something larger – something really large. In fact, the largest thing I’ve ever created. This Little Horse Kraken will be a couple of meters wide, I think.

It will be a mixed media sculpture. I will use paper mache, chicken wire, acrylics – and of course polymer clay, too.

So let’s start!

Here they are – eight tentacles made of chicken wire.
This is the (back of the) wooden base.
All eight tentacles in place.
… and of course some movement to the tentacles.
In the upcoming days I will continue to cover the chicken wire with more paper. Follow my blog and see what happens – how the Little Kraken Horse develops.

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