Dry pastel for more lifelike horses

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Today it’s really great summer weather out there and I’ve actually spent a lot of the day working in the garden because everything have been growing so fast now when both rain and sun have come.

After that hard work it it really nice to sit down in the studio to create small horse sculptures. Right now I’m working on a series of small single-legged horses where I put extra attention to their heads, concentration on the different expressions they can have. Everyone who meet living horses know that they have a lot of soul and that they often have very beautiful heads with wonderful eyes that say so much, and that is what I am trying to translate into a small sculpture.

When I was on a creative cruise with Christi Friesen this spring, she opened my eyes to the use of dry pastel for soft color effects, something that I have not done much before. But now I’m trying to make my own way of giving life to my beloved little horses with the help of these innate colors. I think I can learn to manage this to be able to give my horses more soul and more lively expressions than ever before. Big, big thank you Christi for the inspiration!


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