Calle – the heartly horse

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calle_01 calle_02 calle_03 calle_05 calle_06Is it possible to symbolize a horse with a heart? Is it possible to get a horse to fit in a heart shape? How much must the heart shape be modified to be perceived as a horse?

I started with the view from the top. A horse is not entirely flat, it has rounded forms. So what if I bended the heart? Somewhat like the letter S? by doing that I could get both the round shapes of the back part, the middle and the front shoulder. It could work.

Then I studied the horse from the side view. I was quite clear to me that with such an abstract shape, it was important that the horse would have a very natural head. The head could be placed on top of one of the heart arcs – but I saw immedieately that it was not good … it did not give the feeling of ”horse” because the head came to close to the middle of the ”body”. The horse was too symmetrical. So I moved the middle of the heat shape more to one side and finally his head appeared to be in the right place!

For Calle I chose to create so-called Klimt canes in four different colors that together were forming a mosaic that covered the entire horse body. Some of the Klimt canes have a surprising shimmer in them, catching the interest of your eye. But Calle does not bother. He is proud and bold.

Calle is a confident horse that never gets upset. And he has his heart in the right place!

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