A really, really nice art opening today – lots of people!

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Today I had a wonderful day at Boställets Vedugnsbageri in Maspelösa in the countryside nearby Linköping. We had an art opening with fifteen Mosebacke Horse Sculptures and there were lots of people who came to look at and admire the unusual creatures.

I had brought a selection of horse sculptures, most of them with different forms and with various surface techniques. Many people were very interested and wanted to know a lot about polymer clay, its possibilities and advantages. And of course we talked a lot about the living horses – the models – too. I usually say that the horse sculptures I create do not show the outside of the horses, but their inside – their personality.

I will also hold two workshops in polymer clay this spring and probably I will have to have the pleasure to see several of today’s visitors as students at these workshops.

I wore my prize-winning dress ”Moonlight Dress” showing Lake Roxen in the moonlight with horses both on the beach and flying to the moon, and it also drew a lot of attention.

The Mosebacke Horse Sculptures will remain at Boställets Vedugnsbageri for three weeks, so why not visit this marvellous place for a cup of coffee or lunch if you want to see the horse sculptures in real life. If you choose to buy a horse, simply pay for it using PayPal card payments in my online shop, you can take it home with you!

  1. Margaretha
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    Såg dina fina hästar ute på Bostället idag. Hade jag varit rik hade minst två fått följa med hem.

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