Skulptur i polymerlera med två grupper av hästar som tittar på varandra


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Opposition_02 Opposition_03 Opposition_04 Opposition_05 Opposition_06 Opposition_07 Opposition_08I want to show the opposition between different groups because not understanding other groups or cultures is a global problem today.

My first source of inspiration for this piece of art was a chess game, but I wanted to keep the dark and the light game pieces/horses closer in their groups, like if they were a little bit unsure and wanted to keep close to each other for protection and support.

I chose different colors for each game piece on both sides – there are for example both light blue and dark blue ones. By this I want to show that there are similarities between the both groups, even if they seem different at first sight.

These horses are silent – looking at each other (besides one of the dark horses that is blind). And all horses are different no matter they are light or dark.

It is so interesting to ask people what they see in this sculpture because they always see the opposition, but they interpret it as something that is close to them, an opposition problem they understand, depending of which culture they belong to. They see racial, political, historical, ethnical, cultural, sexual or ethical problems.

But. When you look closer you do not only see the opposition, you also see the start of a possible solution. It is explained by some kind of curiosity, some kind of interest from one group to the other group. One of the dark horses even shows that it really wants to listen. That is my hidden message in this sculpture – even if it seems like you cannot agree in a certain question it is not the end. Try to listen, try to understand your opponent and maybe you will find a new and sustainable solution. Together.

Another interesting thing with this sculpture is that it is interactive. You can place a random object between the two groups – and the meaning and message of the sculpture totally changes! Put a little bird between them and you will maybe see some kind of wish to care. Put a hand-grenade between them and you will maybe see signs of fright and terror…

If you count the horses, you will find out that there are one more light horse than dark horses. What can the meaning of that be…?

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