The finished Creativity-is-intelligence-having-fun dress

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I used textile paint, it’s like a kind of polymer clay, but fluid. You must use heat to cure it.
These are the colors of textile paint I chose to use. See the glass I use as a palette?
Now I mix the colors in various ways and apply paint to the back side of the leaves.
Then I transfer to the dress, using cling film to be able to press the color firmly into the fabric.
This is the result from the first leaf. You can see how I mixed the blue, white, black and yellow in different ways.
The second leaf is transferred. I continued by applying color to leaves and thus making a pattern on the fabric.
To enhance the design I used light tones of textile paint for highlights.
The finished dress!

In my last blog post you could see how I placed the leaves on the dress to get an estimation of how the design would look like. In these photos I show you step by step how the dress got its color.

Q: Why I call it ”Creativity-is-intelligence-having-fun dress”?

A: I wrote that quote on the sleeve.

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