Creativity-is-intelligence-having-fun dress

The dress in the magazine Burda.
The dress I sewed.
The leaves I collected in the nearby forest.
Leaves placed on the dress, providing a preview of how the print will turn out.

Inspired from a Burda pattern I sewed a dark blue jersey dress with a large collar. In my imagination I should paint white horses in moonlight in a wood on it. It did not turn out like that as the things I create often tells me better ways of doing things. And mostly, I listen.

This time the creative voice told me to take a walk in the nearby forest to collect leaves from different plants and trees. So I did. I then placed them on the dress and found out that this time no horses were needed. This time the leaves would be enough.

In my next blog post I will show you how I transferred the structure of the leaves to the fabric. You will also be able to see the final result.

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