Using PlayDoh in search of a hollow horse

hollow_01 When I participated in the polymer clay conference EuroSynergy2 in Bordeaux this summer I got the idea I wanted to make a hollow horse. I got the inspiration from the 3D challenge, where I understood that you could use ordinary PlayDoh to stabilize the polymer clay during curing for making holes and hollow shapes.

So I started to dream about a horse, I should be a proud black horse with long and straight legs. The body should be round and hollow. And inside the body there should be another little horse.

To make a stable form for the body I used a small balloon, covered in papier maché. A steel wire as armature/spine. I covered it with something that at a first glance looks like bulls eyes canes, but the yellow in the middle is PlayDoh!

Hopefully both the PlayDoh and the paper will dissolve in water efter the curing of the horse.

In the upcoming blog posts you will get to know if it worked out as planned.

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