Q: What to give a horse lover who has everything?

A: A horse! Of course.

All Mosebacke Horse Sculptures are totally unique and very personal interpretations of real horses.

– I want to show what the horses are really doing when we are not looking at them, says polymer clay artist EvaMarie Törnström. I also want to get an understanding of the inside – the personality of the horse, because it is the personality that creates that very special connection.

The Mosebacke Horse Sculptures – which usually are 20-40 cm high – are made of polymer clay. The very complicated patterns that you can see on some horse sculptures are not painted, but they are created directly in the clay, with colored clay.

– It’s like making three-dimensional paintings, says EvaMarie Törnström.

In the webshop you will find the horse sculptures that are currently available for sale. Note that the various sculptures found only in a single copy. Click here to see the Mosebacke Horse Sculptures Web Gallery.

You can also get a personalized Mosebacke Horse Sculpture created exclusively for you, perhaps with your own horse as a model? Click here to read more about it.

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