Happy Horse needed a mane – she got small red beads

lycklig_13 lycklig_14 lycklig_15Now Happy Horse and her passenger (her foal) are almost finished. They only need manes, as they are horses.

But I did not give them ordinary manes. I gave them small beads. The mare got red beads and the passenger got blue beads. To give all the beads the exact same size, I first used an extruder to make a red strand. Then I cut the strand in 2,5 mm pieces which I rolled into beads.

On the last picture Happy Horse asked me what I was doing. ”I am witing a blog post about you”, I said. ”Tomorrow I will show my readers what you and your passenger looks like when you are finished.”

The Happy Horse looked pleased.  ”By the way”, she said. ”It is not an ordinary passenger, it is my baby foal. We are going for an adventure in Norway.”




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