Balancing Foal

It was really, really fun to create a foal like ”A Newborn Foal”!

I got so inspired I started another small sculpture of a foal. This one will be balancing on three legs and he will get a shimmering skin of silver covered with translucent clay. It will probably look as if it were the colt to Sleeping Wave.

As usual, I started with a rough sketch, and then I formed a skeleton with steel wire. Then I created the basic shape of the foal. In the picture you can understand how I slowly build up the details, piece by piece of scrap clay.  Scarp clay is leftovers from previous horses and canes that have become mixed in colors. It is very good to use inside the sculptures which then can be covered with another clay.

When I think I’ve got the basic shape of horse I start to even out the clay using small tools and my fingers. Now I can get a preview of ​​the final shape. I add small pieces of clay many times, and many times I even them out and watch the little horse from different angles. I repeat that until I am satisfied with what I see.

When it finally, after hours of work, has got the right shape, I start preparing the clay that will cover the body, to be the ”skin”.

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