A black mane for the white horse shoe and a white mane for the black one

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shoe_15It may seem simple, but every detail of a work of art is carefully designed to fit into the big picture. Before I make a new detail of a sculpture, I have tried it a hundred times in my mind. Sometimes I make sketches and drawings to understand it in a more clear way.

Certainly you can try things out sometimes, but many times it is not possible to undo what has been done. Therefore, it is so important to think carefully about the next step before you perform it.

Here you can see that I have got a little bit further in the development of the horse shoes. Besides having smoothed the shapes of both the heads and all the legs and the hooves, I have added the manes. White mane on the black horse shoe and black mane on the white one.

Now I am thinking about how to do the tails. Should there even be tails? Yes, there will probably be because it will be an interesting detail on the shoe and it is also natural with a tail on a horse. But how should they look like? Should I perhaps make small white and black beads that I thread on thin metal wire and attach the back of the shoe? Or can there be another, more elegant solution?
Yes, you may continue to follow the blog to find out …

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