Knitted Sweater with polymer clay buttons

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The knitted sweater.
With a little help from a cat.
The three colors, the same as in the yarn.
The start of the Bull’s Eye Cane. Flrst a roll of brown, that I covered with a thin sheet of almost black clay.
This was covered with a sheet of almost white clay.
Looks like this.
And then another thin sheet of almost black clay.
No. I did not like this. I will have to make something more complex of it.

Polymer clay can not only be used for art, it can be used for other things, eg buttons.

One example is this sweater that I knitted. It needed buttons, and I decided to make these buttons myself. Of course in polymer clay.

First I had an idea of a very simple design, with the same colors as in the yarn. I planned to use the Bull’s Eye Cane technique but I did not like the result,

In my next blog post you will see what I came up with instead, with the same clay and colors.

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