Inspiration brought home to Sweden from the Dominican Republic

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I have been on a two week trip to the Dominican Republic. It is a wonderful and colorful country with lovely people, beautiful scenery, plenty to do and stunning beaches. I did not bring any polymer clay there, but a sketchbook.

Wonderful things happen when you disconnect from everyday stress and all the must-dos. The creative part of the brain starts to wake up. It becomes susceptible to impressions and given space to combine old skills with new ideas.

The result is a sketchbook filled with lots of ideas, and I am excited to get started with them, because I am so curious to see how they will turn out in reality. I know from my own experience that the ideas will be developed, changed and refined during the work. I will find new opportunities and it will be as if the work of art i is creating itself.

The horse in the photo is a horse I found in the city of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. It is in natural size.

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