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Boddington Part 2

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In the last blog post, you could see the sketch of Boddington’s head on the white canvas. Now it is time to put the first color in place.

When you make a painting, you usually apply the paint in several layers. As the paint is semi-translucent, this gives depth to the finished artwork.

Tavla av hästhuvud där endast bakgrunden är målad

First, I put color on the background. This will be quite a dark painting, where you will meet the face of Boddington, as if he comes right out of the shadows. Therefore, the start of the background is also quite dark. I will use different hues of blue and green – with some warmth from yellow and red in it.

Början på tavla av hästhuvud med endast få färger på platsThen it is time for the base of Boddington’s face. I use quite distinct blue and red hues in the base together with the more ”horsey” brown and dark colors, it will be softer when the painting is finished.

At least I hope so 🙂

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