All seasons

All seasons

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This Saturday, I attended an art workshop together with five friends. We were all artists in different media – water color, acrylic painting, knitting and so on. We got inspired from all the different kinds of art.


.. inspired from one of my friends who was painting the most beautiful watercolor landscapes – I found myself creating a small polymer clay “painting” of a fantasy landscape. Of course with mountains as I am just crazy about mountains, but I also included all seasons. I am so happy to live in a country with four distinct seasons and I love them all – so why not combine all the lovely seasons in one “painting”?

So here it is – All Seasons! Can you see all the four seasons in it?

Into the Forest

Into the Forest

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This weekend I really wanted to be at the Spinning Plate Gallery in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, but it was a little too far for me to travel. This weekend was the opening of the fantastic international polymer clay (and mixed media) collaboration Into the forest where artists from all over the world have contributed with creations of all sorts of organic life and plants that could occur in a fantastic forest.

I have only seen it through pictures and videos on the internet, but I can tell IT’S AMAZING!

“Into the Forest” is a mixed media international collaborative installation organized by artists Julie Eakes, Emily Squires Levine and Laura Tabakman. I know that they put some really hard work in this, but I still think that they are magicians – because of them it all turned out to be magic!  You can read and see more in the Facebook post from Kathy McCurry below.

If you are in – or in the nearby of – Pittsburgh before December 3, 2017, I highly recommend that you visit this installation.

And yes – of course I have made a contribution, too. You can read more about it here:

Where:   Spinning Plate Gallery, 5821 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Dates:    Opening – November 10 – December 3, 2017
Hours:   Thursday through Saturday: 2 pm – 7 pm, Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm or by appointment (contact us at to arrange visit)
Closed Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving weekend

A designer model coat with polymer clay buttons

A designer model coat with polymer clay buttons

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coat_05 coat_04 coat_02 Coat_01Because I focus so much on my polymer clay horse sculptures and my artistic development within polymer clay, other types of creativity sometimes are a bit in the background. I simply do not have time for it, though I sometimes long for it.
One of the polymer clay buttons in black and blue

But last Thursday – in my horseback riding group at Rappestad – we were discussing about sewing your own clothes clothes.
– You do not save any money by doing it it, someone said. It costs just as much to buy fabric as to buy the finished garment in a store. And you also have to count the time it takes to do the sewing too.

– You are right, I replied. But on the other hand, for the most part, you are not sewing for economic reasons. You’re sewing because you find it fun. And, in a way, you’ll save money because what you’re sewing can be compared to an exclusive designer model created just for you. It would cost a lot more than just the fabric.

All the pieces of fabrics on the floor - ready to start sewing!
All the pieces of fabrics on the floor – ready to start sewing!

But my mind had started to work and plan. I searched and found some really nice fabrics (furnishing fabrics). I chose a pattern from Burda Style. I cut all the pieces of fabric and sew them together. In the beginning I felt a bit nervous, but soon I remembered how to do in. It’s like there is a special kind of memory that exists in your hands. You can just sit there and watch them do the work.

When the coat was ready, only one thing was missing: The buttons.

But if you have polymer clay at home, you also have the solution. It was very easy to create a number of buttons, cure them and after that sew them on the cape!

Faster than Sleipnir

Faster than Sleipnir

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snabbsleipnir_01 - kopia snabbsleipnir_02 - kopia snabbsleipnir_03 - kopia snabbsleipnir_04 - kopia snabbsleipnir_05 - kopia snabbsleipnir_06 - kopia snabbsleipnir_07 - kopia snabbsleipnir_08 - kopia snabbsleipnir_10 - kopiaThis is a very special horse. It is extremely fast, faster than Sleipnir (Swedish: Snabbare än Sleipner).

Sleipnir was the norse God Odin’s horse and is the best of horses – the fastest one as he has eight legs.

This one has no less than sixteen legs – so he must be ”Faster than Sleipnir”

Faster than Sleipnir is created with a lot of passion. Passion for the color blue and for love and kindness. When I create a horse, it always starts as some kind of daydream. Suddenly my mind and thoughts flow away, creating and trying out new techniques, colors and proportions. I got the inspiration to this horse during a seminar at the Synergy4 conference i Phildadelphia in August 2017. Luckily, it was a conference for artists, so noone thought I was strange when I suddenly started sketching.

So now – here he is: Faster than Sleipnir!

Välkommen till Nördcafé på torsdag den 5 oktober kl 18.00. Fri entré!

Välkommen till Nördcafé på torsdag den 5 oktober kl 18.00. Fri entré!

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Välkommen till Nördcafé nu på torsdag kl 18.00 när jag är månadens Nörd och ska berätta om hur jag kom fram till polymerlera som mitt konstnärliga uttryckssätt. Du kommer också att få reda på en hel del om dess unika egenskaper och få en hel del inspiration till hur man kan använda detta ganska nya konstnärsmaterial. Varför inte fundera lite kring varför det genom årtusendena har varit så vanligt med hästar inom konsten och varför jag följer den traditionen?

Nördcafé är en självklar mötesplats för alla nördar, och ett givet forum för utbyte av kunskap och erfarenheter. Alla är välkomna att fika, lyssna och ställa frågor. Vi håller till i museets restaurang Hagdahls, som erbjuder matiga smörgåsar, fika, öl & vin för den som är sugen. Fri entré!

Nördcafé arrangeras av Datamuseet och Östergötlands museum i samarbete med Tekniska museet och Folkuniversitetet.

Nördcafé on Facebook

Online tutorial on Polymer Clay Adventure 2018

Online tutorial on Polymer Clay Adventure 2018

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So happy to announce that I am one of the teachers on Polymer Clay Adventure 2018 that starts today September 24!

Would you like to learn my technique for making kurbits patterns? And also create a small, fat and cute horse sculpture to place that pattern onto – and you have created your own fantasy Dalecarlian style horse!

Click here to read more about it and to find my online tutorial! 

PCA2018Everyone who joins Polymer Clay Adventure between September 24-26 can be one of the winners of 100 awesome goody bags, and one of these 100 bags includes a Golden Ticket worth $200!

FIMO Symposium 2017 – Workshops with Loretta Lam and Donna Greenberg

FIMO Symposium 2017 – Workshops with Loretta Lam and Donna Greenberg

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Friday and Saturday were two days with two fabulous workshops that really stretched your artistic way of thinking and understanding shapes, colors and materials. I had one fullday Workshop with Loretta Lam: ”Sculpted Foliage Brooch or Pendant” and one fullday Workshop with Donna Greenberg: ”Melting Colors/Dancing Waves Techniques”.

Both Loretta and Donna are very experienced teachers that not only fully understand shapes and color, but also can explain that in an understandable way to help their students stretch in their artistic development. They give very personal, helpful and clear advice on what to add or remove, what to enhance and what is too ”lame”.

FIMO_05Of course I did not make any jewery (I never make jewelry), but in Lorettas class I wanted to give the impression of the surface of a lake by creating some kind of ”circular skinner blend” with the Swedish mythological spirit ”Näcken” in mind.

My purpose was to place three small drops pf blood in the water to symbolize that he, by recieving this gift, would teach you his enchanting form of music. The red would also be a counter-color to all blue and green in my composition. But something went terribly wrong. I added too much red  (impossible to remove). When I showed Loretta how I had killed my composition she suggested me to place some hands on the water. So I did. And the result also told a story, but in another way than I had thought from the beginning. Now it’s not a subtle saga, now it’s something humoristic and drastic that makes you laugh.


Fimo_10 Fimo_09 Fimo_07In Donna’s class we tried making different soft shapes with white or lightly colored clay. To my astonishment I found that if you add just a little of green to the white clay, it gets shimmering shadows. Other colors don’t give that shimmer to the clay. Our inspiration was Verdi’s opera La Traviata. I made many different shapes, but the ones I chose to save to color in the afternoon was a horse’s head, surrounded by sun rays (a tribute to all the interesting jugend designs you could see at the hotel) and a mouth with snakes coming out of it (a tribute to the story of La Traviata, where things people say cause tragic things to happen). It was very interesting to try the Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints 




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